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Asad Yusupov
Head of Sales

Asad Yusupov brings over 10+ years of sales experience working with everyone from small and pop companies to Fortune 500 businesses. He was one of the original partners for Ecology Mir Group which has been featured in Inc100 fastest growing companies three years in a row as well as EMGammo, a defense manufacturer and distributor focusing on firearms and ammunition sales to the U.S. Government. On his free time he loves to play with his Pomeranian Oscar and considers himself one of the top 10 best Fortnite players in history, even if the rest of the world doesn’t recognize that claim.

Kevin Stowe
Head of Development

Kevin Stowe is a self taught software engineer who began working professionally at 17 years old after scoring in the 99th percentile in the nation in his programming ability. Starting out as a IT consultant he quickly became well versed in understanding the needs of clients and helping them make effective use of technology in their business. Kevin is now a software development manager and head of development. In his free time he likes to program games, develop new robots, fly RC planes and occasionally go outside (against his better judgement)

David Núñez
Head of Design

David has a double licentiate degree in Advertising and Graphic Design, graduating with High-Honors from these. He first started working as a teacher in an Elementary School, but said goodbye to his beloved children to start working as a designer in several High-Profile Agencies. His last position as a Senior Designer allowed him to manage artworks and proposals for International brands such as Kelloggs, Ocean Spray, Gatorade, Lipton Ice Tea, Colgate, and many others. He enjoys Snorkeling in the Caribbean, Composing Music, Playing Below-average tennis and Making Beautiful and Innovative Website Mockups.

Anthony Moore
Head of Social Media

Anthony Moore, a young and highly determined entrepreneur looking to put a dent in the artistic world by showcasing his talents through videography & photography. He is anxious to put his own unique twist into each businesses social media pages with his own creative work to bring an aesthetically pleasing view to all potential viewers. He enjoys practicing his spanish, taking beautiful photographs of luxury vehicles and finding new ways to improve branding and generate quality content for social media brands.

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